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  • What is a mount?
    A mount (also called a mat) is a piece of board that sits around your photo/picture/artwork to enhance it. It acts as the primary framing mechanism for your picture, and should compliment the picture itself as well as the moulding (the frame you see on the outside). It also helps to prevent your picture from coming into contact with the glass which can cause damage. A mount can be used in many different ways. Colour choice is important: a classic, subtle choice would be white or cream, or you could choose to pick out a particular detail or focal point in the picture. You can layer mounts to give depth, add interest, or to balance the overall look and feel of a framed piece. Don't worry, your framer will guide you through this choice to help you get the best finished product possible!
  • What do you mean by "aperture size"?"
    The aperture is the size of the cut-out or hole in the middle of the mount, or mat.
  • What type of mount (matt) board do you use?
    There are various suppliers fo different styles of board. We use conservation mountboard as standard.
  • What types of Glass do we offer?
    Standard Float glass, UV and/or Non-Reflective glass - are all available.
  • Do i have a shop or gallery?
    No, i can come to you or meet at a location of your choice
  • Am i insured for your artwork while i'm working on it?
  • Will I do a video call to discuss?
    Yes (Zoom, MS Teams, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc)
  • Who is Wood and Wildey?
    See here -
  • How can we be contacted?
    By Phone, Email, Text - see Contact page -
  • Are our prices competitive?
    Yes, we offer high end mouldings along with recycled mouldings. Differing glass products too. We try to keep our overheads to a minimum with an aim to keep your costs down.
  • How long will it take?
    I try to work to your timeframes. In busy periods there could be a delay of up to week. I'll always keep you informed on progress by email/text/phone.
  • Do prices include VAT?
    I'm a small local business, starting in 2020 9not the bets time to do that with Covid-19!), and not VAT registered. 20% will not be added to your quoted price.
  • Will we collect and delivery items?
    Yes - locally. If further afield I'm happy to collect/deliver but when i'm passing through the area.
  • Do you do mass produced frames?
    No, but more than happy to make several frames to same size/colour etc to suit your needs. I will supply mountboard to fit mass produced shop bought frames if required.
  • What materials are used on the mouldings?
    Wood (as the the company name suggests) is our key ingredient! We may have some recycled/reused materials that are Polycore/Metal but they are very few and far between.
  • Can i collect my order?
    If you would prefer to, absolutely. We can meet whereever (locally) you would like.
  • How do i pay?
    Bank Transfer, PayPal or Cash but with recent Covid related advisories, Bank Transfer is probably the best method.
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